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herd-core also herd·core (herdkôr, -kr) adj.

Herdcore is the culmination of a set of attitudes and beliefs held by the London-based Ultimate Frisbee team, the Thundering Herd. Whilst sharing similarities with the "fiercely loyal" definition of hardcore, as in "Fred was a hardcore golfer", it also requires a fun and positive outlook on Frisbee and life in general. It can equally be applied to people, actions, or even inanimate objects, as illustrated below.

The opposite of Herdcore is Herdiocre

-"Those new trainers are herdcore, mate"

-"I just necked a shot of tequila, threw up and then played a 90-min game"

-"What are the opposition like?" - "Dunno, don't look herdcore to me though"
by RZLA July 12, 2006
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The origonal meaning was to perform a feat that impresses the members of the Ultimate Frisbee team the Thundering Herd.
Now can also mean any hardcore or impresive move that captures the spirit of the Thundering Herd team.
Such as performing an optimistic huck and it being caught.
Creating a new peice of Herdchadise.
Partying especially hard.
If someone was to turn up to an Ultimate Frisbee game with little sleep, vomit at the side of the pitch, and then to continue and run around for an hour, A Herder may say, "that is Herdcore"
by AidanJones July 12, 2006
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Herdcore is a subcultural phenomenon that started in early 2014.
Herdcore kids are fully aware that all the choices they have are determined by mass-market based data, they embrace that their lives are enslaved by herd-mentality.
They are convinced that they are already branded before they can find their own identities.
They express themselves by wearing cowbells, nose rings (septums), brandings, cow print and burnt holes in clothes plus all sorts of cow-related accessories. Herdcore music usually includes cowbell sounds and repetitive beats.
"I'm not Normcore, I'm Herdcore because I am aware of my brands."
"I can still express myself creatively, if only cause I can't."
by anonymous ;3) March 23, 2014
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A common misspelling of the word "hardcore", herdcore has developed its own definition as a herd of cattle sitting on a large quantity of apple cores, or perhaps the trampled remains of a Apple G5.
Boeh, ahh tell yew what, me n' Cletus seen a regular herdcore just last teeosday.

Herdcore can be permenantly blinding to an apple enthusiast, you know.
by MasterGrief June 06, 2005
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A state of being in which you, plucky little you; the last reveller awake, sucking the sticky sap off the inside of a bottle of Jaeger (possibly through a curly straw) have outlasted the rest of the partygoers.
They might have lasted for days, some of their exploits may have been decadent in the exceptional, however...there can be only one!!
Much like the Highlander (only less shit & much less french/belgian, whatever) as the last one standing you have absorbed their power.

Your sword is the magic marker to be wielded with impunity over the slumbering also-rans because you, my friend...are Herdcore!!
'Dave's crazy...'
'Yeah?! How so?!'
'5 day bender without the assistance of meth...poured vodka into Chris' fishtank & drank it dry as he'd 'run out of mixer'!!'
'Shit the fuck off?!'
'Yeah, apparently he was last seen in the park with a bag of hotdog rolls trying to catch squirrells?!'
'Fucking Herdcore man!!'
by Renegade Poet January 10, 2012
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