Known for many big crimes, but pardoned after shooting for 2 seconds (PP ending). His biggest crime is pulling attention away from Fall Guys.
"Is Henry Stickmin as legendary as they say?"
by PatriotRocket42 September 23, 2020
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The main protagonist of all the Henry Stickmin games. He has committed many crimes throughout his time. The earliest recorded crime committed by him was robbing a bank. Next, he would escape the prison that he was locked into, although the details on how he did it are unclear. Then, he stole the extremely valuable Tunisian Diamond, the details are again unclear. After all these crimes, he was given an offer by the government that if he helped them prove that the notorious Toppat Clan was guilty of crimes, but this case is even less clear than the previous ones. Some reports say he helped the government, others say he got a pardon from the government, others say that he joined the Toppats and became their leader, others say that he stole a gem from the Toppats. No matter what, we can be sure that he got sent to The Wall for his actions, where we are certain that he escaped, but not sure of the details. He might have teamed up with the other person in his cell, Ellie Rose, escaped by himself, or just was presumed dead. Then he completed some mission, but the details of that are so unclear that it's best not to get into it. Overall, he is a very mysterious man who's actions are mostly not confirmed. May or may not be a stand user.
Heath: Oh yeah, last night I-
Henry Stickmin: *starts dancing*
Isaacc: *drops weapon and starts dancing*
Heath: *starts dancing*
Ellie Rose: *shrugs and starts dancing*
Narrator: I... Wh... I just... Whaat.
by some urban dictionary user September 28, 2020
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A man who likes to distract people.
Person 1: "Hey bud, you seen Henry Stickmin?"

Person 2: "I don't know what you just said, I got distracted."
by HaroonGames September 30, 2020
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Henry Stickmin (Not to be confused with Henry Stickman) is a stickfigure criminal from the Henry Stickmin Collection. He is the titular protagonist of the collection. He has broken in to a bank, escaped prison, stolen a diamond, arrested/joined a criminal orginization, escaped from a prison complex, and helped launch or prevent the launch of a criminal space station.
Henry Stickmin is a wanted criminal.
by General-Kenobi September 14, 2020
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Henry Stickmin is known for being a thief and but can be a very kind hearted person. He helps his Friends including Charles Calvin and Ellie Rose. He will occasionally break into Banks, Museums and break out of Jail and fortresses. He will occasionally help Charles with missions and him and Ellie will sometimes work together with multiple different task. Henry Stickmin occasionally hang out with the Top Hat Clan, But sometimes they turn on him if he "Blows it"
Hello Henry, welcome to The Wall. Some of the most cunning and notorious criminals are kept here, and now we have the infamous Henry Stickmin. You're going to be here for a long time. Grigori! Take him.
by NerdBoiAbram September 25, 2020
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A game where you have to complete missions by choosing the correct options.
Episodes: BtB, EtP, StD, ItA, FtC, CtM
by Darkness666 November 3, 2020
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