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The former lead singer of Black Flag. Also the former singer of Rollins Band, a super kick ass hard rock band from the late 80's and 90's. Hard Volume would be a good album to buy if one is interested in Henry Rollins. He also speaks out against artists with no soul and politicians who suck. Also a strong supporter of the West Memphis Three; three guys wrongly accused of homicide. Rollins also does lots of spoken word, has written many great books, and played small roles in many movies.
The guy who played Spider in "Johnny Mnemonic."
by Mr. Zanabar August 13, 2005
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1.the man!!!
2.he never fucking stops yelling all the time. whenever he talks he yells.
but that is awesome
by shea gilly January 24, 2004
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a rock god, also know to act and give spoken word preformances. Lead singer of the Rollins Band, formely of black flag and Henryeta Collins and the Wife Beating Child Haters. An inteligiant, amusing and passionate preformer.
Henry Rollins is the last great punk preformer.
by tranquil_demon August 05, 2003
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Former lead singer of Black Flag, is also recognized as "a beast" due to the fact that there is no width differentiation between his neck and head due to his massive muscle-type body.

Slang for a large wild animal about to attack you or someone nearby.
"Henry Rollins Kicked Ass In 'Damaged' With Black Flag"

"Jesus Christ, that guy's got a henry rollins on his tail"
by Tom. M January 06, 2006
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The lead singer for Black Flag. Contrary to popular belief he was not the leader of the band, but was a huge part of it. He now does mostly spoken word. A muscle bound super human, Henry Rollins was also the man to kick the shit out of Godzilla and then managed to bruise Chuck Norris.
ass-hat: hey I know I haven't done anything quite as cool as you, have no muscles, and am a virgin but, you, Henry Rollins suck!
Henry Rollins: fuck you. *punch*
by j. misfire November 29, 2010
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When a male and female engage in sex, the male winds up his arm (in a popeye-like motion) and power-fists the womans asshole. Upon impact and release, this act makes explosive sounds similar to the edgy rock of Henry Rollins and the Henry Rollins band. It is through this musiclal fist-plow that the womans asshole is blown out. The sex may be stoppin' but her ass is still rockin'.
" I wonder what happened to Ilene, her walk is very low to the ground and everytime she sits she screams in pain."
"Yeah someone must have given her one hell of a Henry Rollins last night, it'll blow your ass right out of the water."
by Nicholas SS August 07, 2006
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Rollins was good in Black Flag and early Rollins Band. After 'Weight' it all went seriously downhill. Even his spoken word is recently unfunny and rambling, and lacking consistant 'truth' from show to show (meaning most stories are probably made up or massively exaggerated).
Balances his massive ego, self-righteousness, selfpromoting and self-appointingness with being quite a cool guy.
He hates soul-less-ness in music, his rants against the rich musicians like U2 are spot-on, he seems to keep going at it, without really selling out (some argue he had long ago).
Has no time for his fans.
Also annoyingly says he 'loves work'. I'd love your job Henry. Do you want to swap? Let's see if you'd 'love work' then.
On top of the gripes, he is one of the 'straightest' performers in the media, and that is a good thing.
Fan: "Hey Henry, can I have your autograph?"
Henry Rollins: "Fuck off kid! I'm only friendly on stage."
by SMiek April 03, 2006
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