A beautiful, sophisticated young women. A bit on the wild side too. Originally coming from French and German royalty but also

-sex on a stick
-at times quiet
-doesn't talk to people she thinks aren't worth her time
-loves photography
-one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls you will ever meet!
-the most intelligent person ever!
-great taste in music
-fucking great! the end.
"dude, did you just see that Henriette over there?"

"i so did man, i so didddddddd"
by chicky3 February 27, 2013
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A Henriette is a girl who is intelligent, humorous and amazing but usually has a low self esteem. She is often comparing herself to others whether it be about her physique or her intelligence, though she is an amazing girl who won't let what she feels interrupt other people happiness. She is very bubbly and whenever she says something it makes people smile. Her smile can light up the world and likes to be happy. She usually has many friends but isn't spoiled and is rather down to earth. Very humorous girl who loves making new friends. If you are lucky enough to get yourself a Henriette, take care of her.
It's obvious that by the way she helped that group and made them smile, that she's a Henriette.
by definingnamesss June 11, 2018
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i am a henriette because i'll spank you if i want to.
by hannemaister March 27, 2010
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A SKINNY sexy Viking girl who loves monkeys and is okay at dancing.
All bow as the great Henriette is coming.
by Dude at your house March 29, 2013
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A Henriette. There are only two types of Henriette's. EVER.
Henriette #1 is...
- A basic bitch
- Flirty
-Hates school
-Looks older than she actually is
- Girly

Henriette #2 is...
- Looks cute, but can actually kill you
- Gets reeeally good grades
- Major fangirl
- Really innocent
- One of, if not your smartest friend
"Duuuuuuuuuude look at the Henriette.'
"Aww its a Henriette."
by DefinitiveSarah September 28, 2017
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Bitch ass girl who thinks she is better than everyone because she is smart.
Daaaaaamn girl! That girl such a Henriette Iden doe!
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Elfriede Henriette is the best friend you could possibly get. She truly cares about you and wants to know what you're up to.
She is extremely beautiful, intelligent and great at deep talk even tho she is very self critical. Everyone should try to get a Elfriede Henriette in his life just to have someone who you can give all your love.
Elfriede Henriette: Hey whats on your mind? Is everything ok?

You: *get a save place to talk about your thoughts and feelings*
by I wanna marry ur cat November 21, 2021
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