A smart, funny, and cute guy who is determined and works hard at what he does. Whether it’s school work or athletics. He is a great basketball player who has a bright future in the NBA. He can make you laugh whenever you’re feeling down and is a thoughtful person. Not to mention he respects tf out of women. He never call them Hoes, thots, bitches, etc. He has a soft side and can be sensitive. He’s a smooth talker with the ladies. He can be friends with anyone seeing as how he’s such a kind person. Also people call him ranch cuz he be dressin. So, all in all, yo boy Hendrick is basically the best person you can meet. Better than anyone named Jason.
Damn Hendrick is such a nice person!!

Have you seen Hendrick. He’s dressed so well.
Lol Hendrick, you’re sooo funny .
Omg I have such a huge crush on Hendrick.
by doyouknowdawae21 May 27, 2018
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He is a freaking awesome ninja.
Beware of his flash kicks.
They can kill.
He also does graphical design/clothing design.
You should check it out.
Tom: **Getting up from a black out.** "Dude....what happened?"

Dave: "Well, Hendrick just totally ninja'd you with one of his flash kicks, while at the same time designing this pretty awesome shirt and putting it on me. All in mid-air!" **Looks down to point at the amazing design.**

Tom: "Oh..."
by SleepyDesigner August 14, 2008
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A stupid ass ginger that is awkward in public situations
by dic khole January 17, 2018
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The whitest person you’ll find in America
Ava Hendricks is sooo white
by anyakill$ February 7, 2019
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Hottest woman alive. Unlike most actresses she actually has CURVES. Star of the brilliant TV show Mad Men.
Christina Hendricks is the most beautiful woman in the world. Ever.
by Blue_Angel93 March 26, 2011
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Owner of Hendrick Motorsports, and the #5,24,25,48 teams on the Nextel Cup series, and the #5 Busch Series entry.
Rick Hendrick has had great success as a NASCAR team owner.
by Num1hendrickfan June 27, 2004
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