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Messy hair. The flat, lifeless appearance of hair, or wild, 'uncontrollable' appearance of hair when a motorcycle helmet is removed. Most affected are women and it's a common problem for those with a coiffure.
When she took off her helmet, everyone could see she had 'helmet hair'.

Her 'helmet hair' took a lot of brushing-out before her hair looked nice again.
by ColonelBlimp September 04, 2011
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Hairstyles worn by African-American women starting around 1990, that was sprayed heavily with hair spritz, so that the hair style did not move, even in strong gusts of wind. Some of these styles include the mushroom bob , the pinapple updo, the freeze and the spiked pixie. Some actresses that made these styles famous were Halle Berry, Jo Marie Payton ( Harriet on Family Matters ), Terri Vaughn, Wendy Robinson. Some R and B singers include group SWV and the group Xscape.
"Man, my sister slept sittin up to maintain that freeze for church , damned helmet-hair!"

Woman says to hair stylist-"Girl give me a Halle Berry!!"
by fefe1 January 04, 2013
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The too-perfectly-coiffed hairdo of a 25 to 45 year-old junior league member or the church lady's daughter who sprays so much hair spray on her hair that when you touch it, it's like touching a football helmet: secure and immovable. Often found in combination with caked makeup. pejorative.

Out of respect, grandmothers, women over 55 and church ladies are granted dispensation from being labeled as having helmet hair.
Jenny-Sue has helmet hair.

Jenny-Sue is a helmet hair.

The helmet hairs cleared the nave of flowers after the wedding.
by Gr33nman May 26, 2008
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when you jizz in a condom and then pull it over the girls head and rub it around.
"i gave megan some mad helmet hair last night."
by Die-lon December 14, 2007
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when a girl gives a boy a nosh and she goes mad with it and her hair messes up.

Coming from hair and helmet of the penis.
OMG she gave him a nosh! we could tell as she had helmet hair!
by Dayyyyy October 22, 2009
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