Also known as Rip Off Bitch - a woman that pretends to be a woman that will provide Escort services, but instead steals the money and runs.
I called the Escort Agency, and asked to see the barely legal 18 year old girl in their Ad. They sent a 35 year old Rip Off Bitch R-O-B instead! She kept charging me more and more money, but didn't even let me touch her. Then when I complained, she ran outside and disappeared!
by Angry Al September 9, 2005
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Recognizable Ownable Bitch
Don't be such an R-O-B.
by Bill January 6, 2005
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you know r o b .
the guy in band class whos name is chris or mike or something but prefers to be called rob. why?? no one will ever know. but theory has it ..he is extremely gay. :)
My name is peter but my friends call me rob. You know... R O B rob.
by katherinee deee September 7, 2008
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Red Headed Bitch
a person who has red hair and is a bitch
lindsy lohan is a great example of this
but she has already got the name Fire Crotch
<lindsy lohan walks by>
"jessica can you believe how much of a R H B she is?"
by justasillylilgirl May 21, 2008
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Those early 90’s R and B songs that definitely got you and your significant other in the mood for love.
Paul: Hey Mazzella, how was your night?

Sean: It was great man, me and Erica went to dinner and capped off the night at a club and we danced to that smooth R and B buttaz all night long.
by RBumgarner March 23, 2019
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The older brother of a jazz cigarette. but not so large as a reggae cigar
"Those musician fellows appear to be enjoying an R n' B cheroot or two"
by Dr Sacheverell October 29, 2008
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