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Makes me hella handsome while I lend a helping hand son, because honesty and integrity are a part of their corporate policy. When I Trek the mountains and travel the seven sea's Helly Hansen makes it a breeze. There's a lady in the lake that holds Excalibur on the other side of Merlin I mean mirror lens that has the power to cleanse. Excalibur = Exercise Calisthenics Bur cold water. Lancelot = Lance a lot or move suddenly and quickly. Morgana = Sea circle. Lance a lot for your Excalibur and Morgana or sea your circle complete for Morgaine's. I've heard a mythical tale about a Holy Grail that holds Panacea. Universe please tell me if you think I deserve another drink. Love is not the satisfaction of a chemical reaction but the sensation of neural networks Quantum entangled electromagnetic radiation. Different chemical mixtures create different insight 4 quantum entangled light to unfurl the epigenetics hidden within my genetic code to TiΓ—me to mass.Time = Ti me to mass so I can exist in times construct. Tie my spark of light that is real light to a chromosome so I can exist in a constructed time zone at the eve of my creation when my father's Adam's (atoms) from his serpent or sperm merge and take a bite out of my mom's egg the forbidden apple and my halo is formed for this energy transfer
Helly Hansen is such a banger.
by alljokesasalad December 01, 2019
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
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the pimpinest brand ever
fuckin expensive but not preppy.
sponsors some kickass snowboarders like Nico Droz
did u see baller ben rockin that helly hansen hoodie today... damn that kid is hella hot
by TOB fo eva January 25, 2005
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A sportswear brand. Makes you hella handsome
Helly Hansen makes me hella handsome
As they lend a helping hand son
Because honesty and integrity are part of their corporate policy
As I sail the seven seas, Helly Hansen makes it a breeze
by LilDrapesOfficial December 08, 2019
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