tis the greeting to ya little bitch. the little bitches tend to be bitchy, so beware. and KAREN IF YOUR READING THIS I SWEAR TO GOD-
hello you little bitch
by hi its 3 am June 26, 2020
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Greeting a stranger for the first time by breaking wind. i.e emitting gas, directly into their mouth. You grab the back of their head and bury it deep in your cheeks. Often proceeded by an attack from 3rd tier Canadian actor.

This cultural custom dates back many many years in the acting community. Folk law cites the alleged Comic "Bobby Lee" starting the practice on the set of MAD TV, being the first production to adopt the custom.

In modern film and television, It is necessary for male actors and comedians to assert dominance over their physically inferior and often less talented female counterparts.

Unfortunately, in light of the me too movement, this is no longer able to be performed through aggressive sexual behaviour. So humiliating toilet humour has replaced sexual harassment. Bobby Lee has thanked the me too movement for this, as previous attempts at sexual dominance have ironically ended in his own humiliation.

Synonym. "A fine how do you do."
Hey Bobby we need to. talk, please come in?

What up?

Well Ron Peterson made an official complaint about you farting into Christa's open mouth.

WHAT, I didn't stick my did in her mouth - I just farted. This is a cultural misunderstanding... where I'm from ITS CALLED A " Korean Hello,

Bobby! You're from San Diego.

... Ok I'll buy her a gift basket and write her into a sketch.
by Trumper Dumper February 01, 2021
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Waking someone up with your morning wood, often utilizing for sex.
I woke up and he was giving me the Dutch hello! At first I thought it was just his wooden shoes, but it was his other wood...
by Scooter McBooter June 16, 2017
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When your s/o doesnt realize you have a lip in and gives you a kiss. Resulting in an exchange of fluids

When your s/o grabs the Pepsi bottle in your car and takes a swig not realizing it's your spitter
Ex. I cant even drink around him without getting the old country hello
by Jpardee1 May 25, 2019
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