That week right before a break when every teacher decides that they need to throw in just one more test, quiz, and/or project, because their subject is obviously superior to the others. Also known as Week from Hell.
Person 1: Geez! I have 3 tests and a quiz this week, and I have 2 major projects due!
Person 2: Welcome to Hell Week.
by woodsidevaulter February 08, 2009
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Typically one week of extensive mental and physical training in order to get in shape for actual conditions. Another form of initiation or re-socialization.

Usually military related, sports teams and fraternities and sororities.
The football coach recommended to stay hydrated because there would be limited water breaks during hell week.

Once off the bus, the army recruits were stripped of their personal belongings and it was followed by intense interval training as a hell week introduction.
by WarDubO February 08, 2009
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A week when in-laws stay at your home, causing severe migraines, intense frustration, and extreme muscle tension....mainly in the rectum and sphincter. This week includes awkward moments brought on by unusual conversations about your spouse, high likelihood of cold showers, the inability to sleep-in even though those around get to sleep however long they want, not enough food in the house even when you went to the grocery store only ten minutes ago, spending excess money, having to put the kids back to sleep because the conversations are too loud, crying babies, and no privacy. Sometimes one Hell Week is followed by one or more Hell Weeks and turns into a Hell Month. Hell Month, on rare occasions turn into Hell Lifetimes when one of the in-laws move into the home.
Next week is "hell week" for me because I have some in-laws staying with us.
by chocol8sauce May 10, 2014
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Contrary to popular belief, Hell Week is not the week of boot camps where you'd rather be in hell than there. Hell Week is the last week of school where the only thing you're doing is taking finals. It's boring, dumb, and after you're finished, you look like Ke$ha after a week of hard partying. Trust me, it's not pretty.
Guy 1 - Dude, you look horrible!
Guy 2 - Hey, fuck you man! I just got outta Hell Week!
Guy 1 - ......many apologizes, my friend, many apologizes.
by I_kicked_ur_mom July 25, 2010
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A week at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) that involves much studying, loads of homework, and numerous papers, all due on the same day. Usually occurs before an extended or finals week. Some have reported that hell week occurs some time in February also.
You can tell that it is Hell Week when everyone has bloodshot eyes and the after effects of a caffiene high.
by some_random_dude_LOL December 12, 2005
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