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meaning girl who wears plaid skirt

sometimes called pat for no apparant reason

and is one sexy animal

rowr* can call nala if you please
i was out tonight and i saw heenal on the pat has got it going on
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A Heenal will really tickle your pickle. If you want to tickle hers, refer to her as La Heen. Usually has a thing for lumberjacks, but if you have a sex tape she will gladly help you title it. She will make fun of you till the day she dies. And even after she's dead, she will haunt you from her grave. A Heenal is a top notch person, with superior dancing skills, so never go out with her, she will show you up. She is a total weirdo, but will hit you with that g*y s**t whenever you want it. Also, she will make herself laugh more than you ever could.
Me: (forms triple chin and grunts) Penis
Heenal: **laughs for eternity**
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by BabSpice April 03, 2019
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