Will be there for you no matter what, but a girl named Heena always has that one friend that is like her sister and has two more other friends that make her day. She calls her sister/BSF she calls her best friends bestiana or bestoooo
You should NEVER take a Heena out of your life and I MEAN IT!?
by A1.SHMUCKS August 16, 2019
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The girl with a open heart who's just waiting for something special in her life to come along.

There's more to her than meets the eye.
If one could see things through her eyes, they'd find the pain and suffering hiding between that smile.
She doesn't know where her life will take her, one day she's got her whole life planned out... another she lying on her bed thinking where the hell is my life taking me?
This girl will do anything for the people she loves, but she's afraid of disappointing them, which she sometimes does.
She's also in love with her best friend that she's known since she was young. She's too afraid to tell him, since she knows it will ruin their friendship.
This girl apologizes far too much than necessary for her own good.
She's goofball, a nerd at heart (who loves fashion), but more importantly, she's a lover.
Heena will always stick by her friends, even when they've repeatedly broken her trust.
by skymelons November 23, 2012
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Heena in Hindi language means Mother. Single word to describe dedication, and determination is Heena. Heena is well known name in Cognizant, Bangalore and other parts of the world like Rewari. Other most prominent meaning of Heena is love of Salman. Heena is well known in Khan Family and soon will get known in whole world as well. Cheers to all who can't be with Salman.
Salman weds Heena
سلمان کی والدہ ہیلینا
by In interest of public March 12, 2019
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A really hot girl who looks Aishwariya Rai (a really hot indian actress who was voted Miss World), who is outgoing, super smart, and really funny.
I wish were a Heena.
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slang for "neeha". crackers use this term so that blackies are confused and don't beat our whitey asses. it works most of the time.
what up nee-... ah... "heena"!
by nickel May 15, 2003
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the practice of heena. either faheena, or manheena...
dude i went to church last night...the priest told us about heena-ism
by peterbattista November 03, 2006
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