A move in which a wrestler,even a human puts their arm tightly around his head,making them impossible to escape.
I don't remember back in the days ,peoples used headlock on me.
by Toa Pohatu February 24, 2017
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Where the woman is on top thrusting ever so gently, just as she comes to the top of the penis head, she squeezes her pussy walls therefore locking the males penis in her vagina.
"Damn that girl has a good headlock"
by The Headlock founder and CEO September 17, 2008
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Headlocker is the creator of watdo industries bringing watdos to all around the world. what is a Watdo you say? Go look it up noobs.
Headlocker watted his do.
by ErangeHiCee February 20, 2011
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When you smoke too much weed in a short amount of time resulting in a headache.

It does depend on your tolerance level and how long you have been smoking for.

also depends on you high level which ranges from 1-30 (most highs are around 13)
"dude why are you holding your head like that, math too hard?"

"I got a headlock.... everything is too hard" >.>
by TobaccoSlim July 07, 2012
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When receiving a blow job and the head of the penis gets stuck in the girls throat causing her to pass out leaving her vulnerable for anal rape
dude, your mom and i had a headlock last night
by jkldea134 April 27, 2015
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The act of a naked man wrapping his legs around a person's neck, causing them to suck his dick
Guy 1: Bra! Guess what I got to do last night with Sydney.
Guy 2: Don't tell me you already got a Scandinavian Headlock!
Guy 1: You guessed it bro.
by Milan the dude October 04, 2014
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Getting monopolized at a party by a boring person that just won't let you go.
No, I didn't see Dale drop his pants, Faye had me in a social headlock most of the night.
by puddykast August 05, 2009
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