A term used to describe some who does or says something illiterate or when someone says something you don't like you add head ass at the end of your joke
Boy: you ugly as shit dick head.
Boy 2: shut the fuck you look like Sofia from the color purple wit yo "all my life I had to fight" head ass
by Fat back billy March 7, 2017
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Ain't no define wit yo Charles Barkley lookin ass
Boy if you don't get yo light switch head ass outta here breath smelling ass and potato chip,ol dick in the booty head ass,yo ass look like a left over piece of gum,coochie bump head ass, I just crawled outta the toilet lookin ass
by Leave me alone ass face April 26, 2016
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Head ass doesn’t really mean anything besides an offensive word but how I use it is different.

You see, head ass is more like an add on word, similar to “this nigga”

it could also used when someone says something stupid resulting in you calling them a head ass....

for instance this guy clouncy might say, “I took the ACT’s and passed every one of them. Yep I’m a smart pickle if I say so myself.” Or johova sandres: I don’t think I can take more of this. And you just reply to them with a casual “head ass...”

Basically it doesn’t matter how stupid or annoying someone’s comment may be as long as you yourself find it dumb and funny you can add it anywhere you like as a short play word similar to “head ass”

Another example would be “I tried I really tried. But I just can’t keep going on with my life, I’m so sorry to everyone out there who truly care for me and love me but this depression is too severe and I can’t live like this anymore. If I don’t make it till tomorrow I would like all your best condolences”
Me: head ass....

So again, it doesn’t mean much besides finding someone to be acting stupid and annoying.
“Has anyone played euphoria and beaten all levels within each colony? I’ve played so much I think I’m a pro lol”

Me: head ass...

“This nigga just jumped a 30 foot bridge and landed holly shit! Next thing you know he’s gonna be captured by CSI and taken into McDonald’s to get a numbuh 3 😂 “

Me: head ass....

“Try taking the bathroom next door to see how many Indians you can find 😂”
*gets 200 likes*

Me: head ass....
by Hitler the great December 8, 2019
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Usally used by black males and females to refer to a certain individual in a “roast” or “flame
“Boy if you dont get yo doodoo stain head ass on somewhere nigga”
by FartNigga May 8, 2019
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The kids who are so fucking full of themselves
Kyle thinks that every girl likes him which makes him a head ass.
by y2kkaylah December 11, 2017
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Something wiggers will call people when they can't think of anything inteligent to insult you with.
by BaskinRobinsGang November 16, 2017
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