A euphemism for when a woman has been sexually assaulted
Mark: hey Brett what u doin tonight?
Brett: I dunno, let's get blackout drunk and find some ladies for a game of he said, she said
by gedankedank September 28, 2018
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An argument between a guy and a gal where the points made on either side can't be proven convincingly enough by either party to someone who has no clue what they're arguing about. Further exacerbated because you have no idea if either person is exaggerating or telling the truth and so nothing can be resolved. You know someone is lying about something, you just can't tell who. Usually the argument revolves around the relationship, money (who spends more on who), or some other pointless crap. Usually they've reached a point in their relationship where they really shouldn't be together and they're just arguing about anything and everything just to argue. Lawsuits can come from this.
Guy: "This b**** told me that she's never been with anybody before, but I found out she's been with a dude who died 3 years ago and didn't tell me about it!"

Gal: "That wasn't a romantic relationship! He was gay! I was just his friend!"

Third party: "Yeah, I can't tell if either of you is telling the truth. The dude's dead and so any proof of him being gay probably died with him if we was in the closet to everybody else. Gal, the gay card could be an excuse to get out of a lie. And you, guy, you could just be a jealous jackass and making this stuff up. It's a classic he said she said."
by thePenciler August 27, 2010
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1)Gossip passed from one person to another before it gets to the person that is being gossiped about.
he said she said example...

1)"sherry-ann said that paul said that amy said that will said that lee-anne said that elisha said that jade said that james said he licked you out!"

"yeh well you can tell sherry-ann to tell paul to tell amy to tell will to tell lee-anne to tell elisha to tell jade that none of it's true. james is making up lies because i wouldn't dump my bf for him!"
by Elz-ox March 8, 2008
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While making out with a chick, use your tounge to make contact with her uvula causing her to vomit into your mouth. You then vomit into her mouth and continue to make out.
Guy 1: Dude, I got plastered at this party and started making out with this chick.

Guy 2: Things get any where?

Guy 3: No, I did not have a condum. But she did introduce me to the "He Said She Said."
by M Stonewall April 30, 2010
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