Phrase coined by Foster Hewitt (1902-85), one of the first hockey broadcasters in Canada, beginning in 1923 and going on to call the play-by-play for Toronto Maple Leafs games for some forty years.
McDonald passes to Sittler in the slot, he shoots, he scores!
by Hat Trick July 16, 2009
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Yet another Waynes World phrase.

He shoots! He scores! meaning victorious/successful.
"Would you like to talk?" - Wayne
"Sure." - Cassandra (who is a total babe)
"He shoots! He Scores!" - Wayne
by lucimie July 9, 2005
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"He shoots, he scores!" is an exclamation used by non-professional footballers to emphasize their excitement upon scoring a goal. The term was first used by soccer match commentators.
John shouted happily He shoots, he scores! after successfully scoring goal.
by montyBabinotis November 1, 2022
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