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She's that girl at a party or bar that has an air of intimidation. Guys aren't afraid to go up to her, but they have to muster up the courage and balls to. She's doesn't put her sexuality out there in the open, however she exudes it with every movement, glance, and smile. She's the kind of girl that won't sleep with anyone the first time she meets them. Boys have to work, hard, to get with her. She doesn't take any bullshit or games. She makes every boy want to own up and be a man.
Two dudes are at party, they both spot a beautiful girl with confidence. They both want to talk to her, but aren't sure how to begin a conversation. They're not nervous or shy, they just don't want to screw up their chance with this hawkwoman.
by afellowhawkwoman March 05, 2010
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