A phrase used to commemorate a dominant athletic performance, usually by an individual player.
Two goals in 8 minutes?! Have a day, Messi!
by yeastieboy June 26, 2018
An intended derivative and omission of “nice” from the far more colloquial “have a nice day”. Said as a bare minimum “polite” response when one is aggravated or feels sleighted.

It’s polite in the sense that it intuitively sounds like have a nice day and basically implies that the speaker cares enough about the recipient that they hope the recipient doesn’t die...at least for today.

However it’s also borderline rude, and could be perceived as a way of indirectly telling someone to fuck off, depending on the context. It intentionally omits “nice,” implying that the speaker is either in a general not-nice mood, or does not care about the recipient enough to wish them a nice day per se. Still more graceful than telling someone to piss off, as you can always feign ignorance to any malicious intent.
*supervisor catches you on a bad day and says some unnecessary shit*:
“Have a day.”

Le sarcastic douche: “Good job!”
Le moi: “Have a day.”
by Superlative Detritus November 29, 2018
1. Sophisticated equivalent to "Doh!"
2. A neutral way of greeting someone.
"Wow, you got an F on that test man."
"Have a day."
by Swanneh March 27, 2008
A more polite way of saying "fuck off", usually used when someone has been annoying for a long time and he who says it is at his wit's end.
John: Hey, look at this other Pepe meme!
Dave: Have a day off, John.
I can't believe you won our fucking bet on a garbage time three pointer! The Knicks killed me again. Have a day, pal!
by Dr. Slumber December 3, 2015
A day you have sex with your partner or crush.
geroge: "its national have sex day wanna have sex sophia?"
sophia: "yes"
by panxkm October 8, 2020
Basically a secret code word used by Disney employees telling the customer to either "go fuck yourself" or "fuck off".
Man, the Disney staff are the best around.. All they keep telling me is have a Disney day!
by Adolfin August 2, 2016