The moment when someone or something causes one to be extremely pissed off and near the edge of screaming "FUCK YOU" to everyone in your proximity. Basically, you hate everyone/everything in that particular moment.
And then I found out she was with another I said HATE ALL!!!!!
by socratesandI January 28, 2011
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A sentence used to describe dislike to a group of people, can also be used to target one person "I hate you"
"I hate all of you"
"we know."
by ilikeppandboobs April 6, 2022
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guy 1: god hates us all was one of slayers best albums
guy 2: slayer rule
by little cheeze November 13, 2007
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When you actually fucking love your best friends and consider every single one of them family and will never change a thing. The type of love that you fucking don't care about all the drama cause it's stupid cause you will be friends till your 80
by Johhnnymcnuggets May 4, 2017
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All your needles guns and knives make me feel like vomitting. I hate every last one of you poisonous starvative assholes telling me you can but i cant. Please kill yourselves.
Asking me how im doing will only get the response i hate all of you, your a parasitic infection and the fact you cant ever share makes life worthless with you alive.
by Cody5050 May 26, 2023
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