A term used for mild celebration, or a sarcastic term for a positive attitude towards life.
"Yeah man, i ollied that set of 3... hate life!"
by This Is Colour May 15, 2007
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A phrase used in response to someone's misfortune. It could be used to offer sympathy, but more often than not it's an exclamation of malicious joy.
The phrase has dropped its possessive prefix – originally "He/She/It must be hating life!" – in order to be simplified to its current state.
Gabrielle: Woah, check this out! Paris Hilton's Chihuahua just shat all over her!

Ian: Hating life!
by Mettie May 13, 2008
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Same Bro
Friend: I hate life

Me: Same bro
by Wild Asian December 3, 2019
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i hate life
i hate life
by Funtimesareherr September 18, 2020
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Used to express a dislike for something you are doing, not ment literally.
Mom: Take out the garbage and clean the kitchen.
Me: I hate life.

Boss: Move all these books from this shelf to that one.
Me: I hate life.
by Annayar June 30, 2008
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When you really hate your life and feel like u want to kill yourself
1. I hate my life so much bye these are my last words
by Officially.ash February 8, 2017
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