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1.) when you farting so slow but the smells so strong
e.g ; excuse me teacher...may i o to bathroom...i want to Haslina.
by pain killer extra large June 23, 2019
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Out going girl, love herself very much, simple girl, insane if come to something she love, eat so much food, dont care what people think about her, cute, love to spend money, like to cook and bake.
‘Look haslina order too many food for herself ‘
‘Haslina make that delicious cupcake’
by mqjhsn September 13, 2018
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A cute girl with a gentle personality. Smiles and laugh brightly. Love to keep others happy but sometimes forgets about her own. Gets scare easily but put on a brave face for the sake of others. In search of her true love but lost the hope of ever finding one. Hide her tears away while drying others. All she ever wanted is to be someone's night and day. Love her with honesty and you'll find a girl who'll live and die for you.
Why are you so insecure, Haslina? Learn to love yourself more than others.
by SpartaGirlfriend June 25, 2019
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