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1 -- A general purpose, polymorphicly typed, lazy functional programming language largely based on lambda calculus.

2 -- A constant source of frustration for those who have been brainwashed by the OO paradigm.
You: How do I write a 'while' loop with Haskell?
Me: You can't, freshman.
by e*rex October 26, 2005
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A town in Northern New Jerse located between Ringwood and Pompton Lakes, smaller district of Wanaque. Great meeting place for kids who skateboard, bike or bmx. Home of the Crackhouse, Super Stop and Shop, Rainbow lake, which is invested with toxic waste, tires, boots and dead Minies, Burger King, 7/11, Krauzers, as well as the millions of other projects which will never be finished such as the condos on 4th Ave or the Hotel by Burger King. Has good drug dealers, friendly people and mexicans to do your housework. Everyone who lives here says, "I'm not gonna lie, and I love how." Don't go on a bus with Haskell people unless you feel like getting 'curried' or you like to hear random 'Ahhh Pisss" coming from the mouths of the native Haskellians.
Lex: Put your hands on your hips!
Dan: Umm, why?!
Lex: I'm going to curry yo bitchass fool.
Dan: Ahh piss, I'm from Wanaque not Haskell.
by Haskellanian. May 23, 2008
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A haskell is any sickenly smug and contrite person who attempts to ingratiate themselves with an authority figure. Most typically, this would be the parent of a friend or significant other or a teacher. A haskell is a type of brownnoser.

Origin: Eddie Haskell, a character in the 1950's TV series Leave it to Beaver, is the namesake prototype haskell.

OMG sissy! I can understand your date bringing you flowers. But a bottle of scotch for Dad? What a haskell...
by ChrisSeattle November 16, 2005
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Crazy at times but still loving, loyal, and posses amazing strengt.
WOW, thats a Haskell couple right there- How sweet.
by Wildcheerri December 12, 2008
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A large trailer park in Arkansas. The population of around 2,005. It was originally just a trailer park but decided that it was so huge to just make it into a town.
Welcome to Haskell Arkansas: Nations Largest Trailer Park!!!
by Stilts February 11, 2008
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