To be rough or heavy handed with something, showing little regard for it's value.

Usual not intentional but rather an act of carelessness.
Your laptop broke because you were too hashy with it.

by Tokkaloshman March 31, 2009
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Brown stains in your underwear if you don't wipe good enough
I saw your hashies, you left them on the ground!
by bingbangBOOM! April 15, 2022
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The Japanese word for 'chopsticks'.
Last night we ate Japanese food with chopsticks but I decided to be all fancy and called them 'hashi' instead.
by kiyoshisaur October 31, 2007
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Or Hash Brownies is a brownie made with brownie mix and hash weed and baked for perfection and herbilization.
Let me get a pillsberry hashies ging
by EdginJames May 26, 2009
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A creature located in Downtown Toronto. Rarely comes out of his habitat, unless its for sipping lattes at second cup. A liberal lover, and a Obama sympathizer. Lacks significant amounts of male testosterone. An Elites, and credulous to mass media.
Don't be such a 'The Hashi'.
by AskHomer November 1, 2011
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means "smile" in Bengali (an Indian language)
You have such a beautiful hashi.
by miami smile February 24, 2010
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Means fat Japanese Chopsticks. Hashi is a blatant word for chopsticks. He means nothing to the world as he sits on his ass all day long playing the kids game: ROBLOX.
by Hbuble September 17, 2019
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