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The greatest thing that will ever happen to you. she is a smart, funny, beautiful person and you can't help but love her. If you meet one, she is the One. And she doesn't let Urban dictionary define her. She defines herself.
--Did you just see her?
--Who? Harshini?
--Yeah, I wish I could be her.
by iluvuharshini April 09, 2012
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Harshini is the nicest person ever, she is extremely kind and loves her friends. She is really cute even though she doesn't realize it sometimes.She is not shy of anyone and crazy once you get to know her. She does not like sports but loves texting her friends. Loves double meaning jokes and teasing others.
Guy 1: Man have you seen Harshini. She's so damn hot.
Guy 2: Yaa I'm crazy about her.
by Jadooby August 20, 2019
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The cutest and most adorable person to walk the face of the earth. She'll for sure put a smile on your face, and she is someone you don't want to lose.
Hey is that your girlfriend?
Yea, it's Harshini, aren't you jealous?
by harshinifanboy March 26, 2020
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