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A type person who is very talented in many different area's. They have great personalities and lots of friends. Particularly good at Acting, Singing, Running, High Jump, Long Jump, and they Academically excel. This type of person is nice to everyone and fits into any circle of friends. They Love Harry Potter.
"Did you see him acting in Drama yesterday!"
"Yeah, he's such a Harshil"
"He's so talented!"
"I'm so jealous of him!"
by Muskydeer supporter July 22, 2011
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A natural born fat ass who is alway annoying and constantly pretends he is cool
Did you see that harshil he is so lame
by Henry Gordon June 01, 2017
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A faggot that never gives you answers in class. Very funny but sometimes gets annoying. He is smart but likes to dip sometimes.
Person 1: Look its a Harshil
Person 2: yeah I heard he never gives out test answers
Person 1: What a bum
by Gayboi1010 December 15, 2019
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