sex god
looks like sex
sounds like sex
smells like sex
bet my house my car and my stuffed giraffe he tastes like sex
girl: what do you want for your birthday?
girl2: i want harry styles to be my boy toy slampeice
by 1dhello March 27, 2012
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Youngest member of boy band One Direction (although some people mistake him for being older because of his height). Possibly every living and non-living entity is attracted to this Curly- haired green eyed sensation. The answer to why still remains a mystery. He has been portrayed as a "manwhore", and that he "goes after women twice his age" and has been accused of allegedly "banging 410 girls in a year. People have seemed to have forgotten that he's only an 18(almost 19) year old teenager but he already receives criticisms and hate enough to last his lifetime due to false/ridiculous rumours that even an yeti doesn't believe. And don't get me started about the Haylor thing.
Come on, ease up on him people he's just an overly publicized young adult. Harry styles is a person.
by calm_mytits January 27, 2013
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idk some douche that likes to wear fucking fedors while at an award show. Also he quotes beyonce on instagram with a black picture, how charming. ALSO HE FUCKING PRETENDS TO BE A STRAIGHT ASS WHITE BOY BUT WE ALL FUCKING KNOW HE LOVES LOUIS WHILE HE IS WEARING THAT SPARKLY SHIT. ight man im outie
i feel like a harry styles wearing farm clothes.
by riretire May 22, 2014
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He brings all the bitches to the yard. He's gay for that sassy bitch Louis Tomlinson. From the cuppycake land of Cheshire, he knows how to work that pussy magnet all day everyday. He should be arrested for giving girls feels 24/7. I am 410% done with this bitch.
'Lou hit me in the balls'

'Fuck you nigga I'm Harry Styles'
by BrotherLiam October 17, 2012
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You shouldn't have to look up the muthafucka definition of Harry Styles because he and Louis Tomlinson are the number one gay couple in the system and you need to march your little ass over to tumblr because i don need to explain dis
i don need explain dis shit
its harry styles
by Anne Cox April 19, 2012
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The sexy brown haired boy from One Direction with a voice of an angel. He is sex.
Harry Styles doesn't need an example because bitches know how to use his name.
by One Direction's Bitch. May 02, 2012
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The most beautiful and perfect person in the world. He's got the cutest curls and is a member of the sexiest boy band in the world, One Direction. He is in a romantic relashionship with Louis Tomlinson. BUT HES MINE. He deserves the most amazing, long and fun-filled life.
by 1DINMYBED January 08, 2012
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