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A term of disapprobation coined from the WSJ persona of Barrie Harrop, noted promoter of windmill, photo kiosk and other dubious business schemes.

We all owe Mr Eric Nelson a vote of thanks for the following:

The Barrie Harrop MO:

1) Start with an ad hominem attack on a person he disagrees with

2) Request access to a Linked in or WSJ profile as the basis for future Ad hominem attacks

3) Cut & paste post the same stale talking points in the hope that some poor reader will actually confuse them for fact

4) Continually shill his self serving, subsidized windmill project.

5) Repeatedly bash America

6) Hold himself out as the arbiter of who is knowledgeable & who is not.

Barrie may yet obtain immortality by spawning a verb "To Harrop"

I can only imagine the various uses:

"I was having a decent conversation with this dude until he Harropped me. At that point I lost all respect and couldn't take him seriously"

or perhaps it would be used as a perjorative noun:

"I met this girl online and thought she was pretty cool. Then she opened her mouth and proved to be a total Harrop."

The possibilities are endless.......

For a year or more, comments in the Harrop genre were awarded "Harrops" on a scale of 1-10.

The practice spread to other forums where it may still be seen.
Example as a reply to a comment:

"That comment will earn you 7 Harrops"
by Waltzin Matilda June 20, 2013
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cerritulus et superbia
Or in English
Weird and proud
I am a Harrop
by What what is this June 09, 2018
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