a town half way between bradford and leeds. LS28. the home of chavs and bellends.
Jim:"hey sam do you want to come to pudsey, we could laugh at the teenage pregnancies."
Sam:"fuck no"
by superjim June 13, 2007
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A place in the north of England consisting of chavs and a greggs and that's about it. However when youre make sure to watch out for the scary individuals that make up the P28 gang. Also if youre looking for weed just go round to slims house and get some tuti haze or go to "the shed"
SLAG - oi come to Pudsey with me mate
PUDI LUN - no fuck that its full of chavs
SLAG - yeh true... where can we get weed from
PUDI LUN - slims house

SLAG - oh yeh that pedo
by P28 BLUD May 28, 2019
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A lad from ls28, a type of lad to fuck you on the Park then walk off with his mates and a bottle of cider.
Hey Paul you wanna go to pudsey, nah mate too many pudsey boy chonging haze and fucking bitches!
by AnonPbopper July 23, 2018
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someone who takes up much needed space in the living room that could be used for legitamate stoned people.
Charley: Man, shes taking up so much sofa.
Karl: Yeah she's such a pudsey pudding!
Charley: Heffer. What a draaaaag
by Rogermctittytwatthethird January 15, 2008
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Another word meaning to take a shit (or 'poo').

Derived from the Cards Against Humanity playing card "Taking a shit in Pudsey bears eyehole"
I'm gonna go take a pudsey
by Willump December 28, 2015
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Iconic mascot of BBC's Annual tediathon Children In Need resembling a large blond teddy bear with a bandaged eye. Or huge blonde muff. Ye olde English.
"Gosh Sir, she was a tidy bit a trim you got hold of last night".

"Appearances can be deceptive Jeeves. Sliding my hand into her gusset was like slipping one's hand into "pudsey bear's" eye patch".
by Stella Tartois October 31, 2012
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