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Harraz is an handsome and charming boy.Also known as "Prince".Harraz always take care of anyone such as his friends and families.He is also very sweet and friendly and every girls chase after him.Harraz is a true friend and he is pure awesomeness.
Harraz is amazing!
by Cottages June 05, 2017
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Is a kind off psychotic boy, he has lot of problems and refuse to share it with someone. A Harraz is very good at wording. His thought might hurt one's feeling even though its the truth, so he prefer to keep his thought to himself. Since harraz has lots of problem, he tends to be an independent and not troubling anyone else but somehow there will be a person who wants him to pour out his feelings. He just need to be more aware of it as that person might give up on him if he is too ignorant
me : u know harraz ?
Friend: yea, he is cold hearted
Me: oh, seems like you don't know him well.
by disney(eyy) February 02, 2017
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