Pants that don't have a stretchy, elastic waistband. During any pandemic, the desire to wear only elastic waistband pants instead of pants like jeans,
During the pandemic, Victoria refused to wear hard pants.
by mckilt May 22, 2020
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What you put on when it's time to get shit done.
When you've played around for a while (usually on a video game) and done well so far, but have decided to play to your max potential when things get rough. Commonly used by both Halo and CS fans.
Halo: Alright Shee fag, you've had your fun, it's time to put on the try hard pants. (gets in a hornet)

CS: Alright Awp Whore, you've had your kill streak, now it's time to put on the try hard pants. (whips out the Famas on burst)
by TheMobiusMan November 18, 2009
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In Gaming, when a player is doing well, as if determined.
"Wow this kid has his Try-Hard pants pulled all the way up to his chest"
by Slaytanix October 6, 2009
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something so extremely baller that it gives you a boner.

kind of like "hard in the paint"

johnny: no, waka, that goes HARD IN THE PANTSS
by uhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuhhhh March 15, 2011
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pant poke and push roof of cloth. it make tent like structure with cloth. want to make big explosion. cant control pant. need sweet relief now
hi dere pant hard. plese send pic of bob and vegana with cloth removed. only a pic of bob can fix pant. pleas there is not much time. in hospital and need pic of bob to be cured of ilness. bob is last hope

*a few moments later*

hi this is jaragiosios mom. he in hospital and is not doing good. wanted me to ask u for bob pic? he is no longer able to move limbs. pls send finest of bob pic to him

*3 minutes later*

this is jaragiosios. never talk to me again. made it out hospitol with out u help. delet my facebok bitch
by guacamole nigga penis February 18, 2019
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