Like a 3 and a half minute orgasm of music.
People commonly mistake hard trance for hardstyle...There aren't that many hard trance composers :/
by mkifyousayso August 10, 2010
Hard trance is similar to hard house and trance but differs from the two in several ways. It doesn't possess the female lyrics often found in trance and has a much harder beat, a bit like hard house.
When it's done well it can sound great.

Often uses the clapping sybols and plenty of treble, similar to the way trance does.

PS. Im not saying ALL trance has girly lyrics (as in the way DJ Sammy's "Heaven" does), but a LOT of the highly-commercial stuff does
popular examples of hard trance would be the Warp Brothers "Phat Bass" or DJ Dean's "Protect your ears Pulsedriver vs. Rocco Remix"
by S.Martini September 3, 2005