The trail of hair leading from your navel to your genitals.
I found a gray hair last night on my Happytrail
by mitosku August 13, 2009
The permanent tracers that follow all moving matter when a person has exceeded all acceptable amounts of hallucinogens to be ingested in a lifetime..
Kevin has learned to love his happytrails, they remind him of his teenage years and all the fun times he had.
by Cracked Out Superhero's March 2, 2009
When ur lady with that fatass bush has a nice trail of hair starting at her navel and leading you to the magical place that is her cooter.
We were all at the pool and when she took off her sweatshirt to reveal her bikini we could all see her female happytrail.

shit was thick as fuuck.
by cooterd3stroyer May 5, 2021