One who is attracted to Han Alexander, but is also heterosexual.
Boy: Hey, you know Han Alexander from Tumblr? She's hella cute.

Girl: Yeah, she's so cute. I'd go lesbian for her!

Boy: You must be Hansexual.
by Xander L Eusebe August 17, 2011
You become hansexual when:

a) There's one person who's the exception to your sexual orientation.

b) One person changes your sexual orientation.
a) I know I'm lesbian but goddamn, I'd do crazy hansexual things to Brian Boitano.

b) Ya so Megan Fox is turning me hansexual...
by Justsomefoodforthought August 14, 2011
a person who is attracted to the most handsome man han jisung from stray kids
someone: omg i think Kyle likes you
you: oop too bad im hansexual
them: .....
by sehunsnose December 25, 2020
when you are sexually and mentally attracted to Prince Hans from Disney's Frozen
I just watched the hansexual awareness video. I am feeling hansexual.
by spanako May 19, 2020