The Hoilday of both Hanukkah and Christmas
My mom Celebrates Hanukkah and my dad celebrates christmas as a family we celebrate Hanmas
by Andrew Gotlieb September 21, 2005
A fruity mf that is attracted to mommies and kisaki
Hanma:im fruity and i wanna fuck kisaki
by Hanmmaaa September 4, 2021
the coolest, sweetest boy in tokyo revengers. he's never had a bad track before. a compliment and good gay representation.
"i'm crushing on my best friend! i'm such a hanma eyeroll*
by hanma May 25, 2021
hanma is the most sexiest scrumptious looking person i’ve ever seen. he has hot tattoo’s & his lil friend kisaki is ugly asf
omg hanma shuji is so hot
no shit
by tetsucake October 30, 2021
Person 1: ugh hanma from Tokyo Revengers sucks. I’m such a hanma hater.
Person 2: u dumb bitch
by Bajisloverlol July 23, 2021
The definition of complete menace. Strong enough to stop an earthquake by punching the ground once, with enough anger and strong presence to shake an entire building and so much testosterone that anyone around him, regardless of gender, is now a woman.
"You heard about the street fight last night? I heard some guy got Yujiro Hanma'd and got beaten in one hit"
by zSunner May 7, 2022
Khi and Livi’s Swag Word

by khiorsumn December 3, 2020