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The cool way to write Karachi, popularised by the stenciled "I (Heart) Khi" graffitti in red and black that appeared all over Karachi`s streets between 2006 and 2007... which in turn was probably inspired by Karachi's airport code KHI.
I'm in khi today, call me if you have time to meet up.
by muddy666 November 22, 2009
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goofy, lightskin, big lips, can have anybody they want, fear no one, is a lover, annoying at times, hard headed, dont give a fuck about no bitch except her girlfriend, always getting locked up, is a whore, like to smoke weed, drink lean, and sell crack, dont fuck with alot of people, lion hearted, stuck in their ways, crafty, sneaky, quiet at times, aggressive all the time COLD STONE SAVAGE!
khi is the best lightskin put on this earth.
khi fucked the whole westphilly
by khi dady July 16, 2017
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