Hanif is a handsome and shy person. Has a cute face that make girl fall in love with his
Why is hanif here
by hanif. December 28, 2017
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Hanif is very kind and giving but also can snap at any moment . He loves sports . Hanif is the kind of person you would love to see with your daughter!
Look at hanif , let's go talk to him
by Hanif March 13, 2017
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hanif means something that is Precious and also mean handsome
Mike:Hey!You are so damn hanif man!
Jake:Thanks man!
by Profesor Nobody November 8, 2018
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hanif is a charming person shy and also a hard worker he likes to play basketball he likes to joke sweet likes to ask questions and sometimes is very shy he likes to say the wrong thing. and he is so cute and also a gentleman

dear hanif im madly in love with you please be mine
hanif ashilaaa
by your admire from the far February 21, 2022
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Hanif; the term used to describe the someone who willing to hear his/her friends' stories. This term usually used in era before portugis colonized the Malaysia; This term common used palace as a palace language.
Sultan Melaka is very fond of the hanif attire of Dayang Senandung who is concerned about friends around.
by Pawang Ali December 29, 2017
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A very complicated human yet simple person. May a lot of people with this name is a male but sometimes it can happen to be woman's name.

She likes to gives you a lot of love once she fall, enjoyed every moment with their one and didn't shy to show it. Expressive, loud, smart, aggressive and honest. Once you become her favourite she won't ever leave you.
- Hanif likes to give you a present for your birthday because she think it's remind her of you
- once Hanif fall in love with someone she won't listen to anyone
by DoniJohnny November 23, 2021
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A lovely caring person. She gives the best hugs in the world. A great mother figure and shows nothing but love and compassion toward others.
Hanife is the nicest women I know
by Chocolate is good June 24, 2017
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