When one has sex with a woman on her period and uses the still wet menstrual blood to finger paint on the sheets/the two lovers' bodies.
Are those little Johnnies paintings on the fridge?

Oh no, that's my husbands handprinting from last night, be careful, it's fresh ;)
by corndoggerwith May 19, 2011
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When doggy styling a dirty chick while she's ragging like hell mass producing blood, You rub your hand under her crotch making sure you get an abundance of period sweetness. While she's not paying attention, slap her dirty ass as hard as humanly possible.
by Good Times in TN July 21, 2010
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What I put on your girl's ass cheek before I send her back to you
damn, _____ found out I was sending his girl back with a handprint
by Wet_Blankets August 17, 2021
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