(n.) is a multitalented idol and artist who produce music, write lyrics, who's good at singing, dancing and rapping with so much charisma. he literally can do everything. he's kind, funny and smart person too!
by skzace August 23, 2020
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Han Jisung was a squirrel in his past life. It has been proven by the way he looks and act. Han Jisung is such a cute boi, but don't get fooled. He is one of the best rappers out there and is known for his famous line "jeogiyo noona hogsi namjachingu isseoyo" in the 3racha song wow.
Han: * breathes *
Stays: "omg, Han Jisung is such a squirrel"
by Alex kkta January 2, 2020
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Han Jisung, very VERY HOT LIKE OMFG!!!
me: omg Han Jisung is so hot!!
non kpop friend: huh...?
me: you dont know him... :(
by stan_skz_09 November 4, 2020
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a talented squirrel/quokka who can sing, rap, dance and write lyrics. He's one hawt squirrel, cute but hot. He can finish writing a song in a short range of time and watch his hyung while eating choco pie. Stan Han jisung.
No way that's a squirrel
No that's Han Jisung
by ddramallamaa October 6, 2020
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best boy on earth!!
a singer, rapper, dancer, composer, has an amazing personality, is a part-time e-boy and a full-time kirby!!
please protect and respect him!!
he just wants little kisses!!
x: itโ€™s kirby!!
me: no itโ€™s han jisung!!!!!
by ann ๐Ÿงƒ December 21, 2019
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