Hamza is one of the sweetest most kind, caring people you will ever meet. He is very attractive, has an amazing personality, and there is nothing that you dislike about him. He can tell some hard core funny to the bone jokes, that will make you laugh for hours, but that’s okay. He will keep you on tour feet, and tell you sweet little messages, and tell you all the things he likes about you, he truly is the cutest thing. If you know one never let him go.
Hamza is awesome and quirky,
in many ways will brighten up your days.
by @gracilyn28 June 12, 2019
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Hamza is a good friend a funny guy loyal. A believer and is person with a lion's heart
Hamza is my loyal and true friend
by Hamza1120 July 01, 2018
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Hamza is a guy with memes for days, literally. His jokes would make you explode. BUT he may be weird sometimes.
via giphy
by penship May 08, 2019
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"Doing a Hamza" is placing an online Domino's order but not checking out and closing the page.

After a little while you will get an email with a Domino's discount to tempt you back.
I just got a discount off my order by doing a Hamza.
by OzScab October 17, 2017
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Foremost known as "The God Of Sex" An individual renowned world wide for his expertise with sex and highly sexual acts. One such as Hamza has been known to have sex with more than 30 girls at one time, even stimulating a maximum of 8 at once. Hamza's usually have enormous genitalia and can produce litres of semen in one ejaculation. Characteristics of Hamza's are cool, popular, attractive, instaclimatic (when girls see Hamza's they reach their sexual climax instantaneously) strong, athletic, charming, generally amazing at every aspect of life. Once an individual has had intercourse with a Hamza they are suggested to stay bedridden for a minimum of 2 weeks because of the mass vaginal damage.
Girl 1: Holy fucking shit Hamza is the best lover ever
Girl 792: Yeah he wrecked my pussy
Girl 3275: I wish my husband was Hamza,

Girl 94: I don't, if he was my vagina would be no more
by jackson17436 November 24, 2009
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Godly, out of world Precnese And Collest kid ever
Did you pull a hamza last night/ The new kid is so hamza
by Heigl April 07, 2008
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