1) A turkish bath house rapant with good, wholesome male-on-male action

The best band in the world
1) oo! a hamam! lets go join in on the ass fucking!

2) Hamam rocks
by hidimeTROIS August 3, 2004
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The biggest Pimp you can find on your block
Yo, look at that Hamam, you know hes just about to beat that biatch
by johnny March 19, 2003
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Yo check that hamam, he going wild with that ass!
by Bob March 19, 2003
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a paradise in which most moms including yours reside
'bro this hamam is beautiful!"
"wheres your mom at bro?"
"shes admiring and having a pleaserefull time in her personal hamam"
by hornywatterbottle December 9, 2021
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