A person who has a very big goal in his life that he can reach.
Never lose a Mido in your life.
by Ryx8382 January 4, 2017
A short word (nickname) for "Mohamed" or "Ahmed" in Arabic, especially, Egyptian Accent.
-Like : Tom for Thomas, etc...-
Johnny:Hi, mido, watcha doin?
Mohamed:Hey Johnny, I'm great thanks, how 'bout you?
by Mido August 6, 2007
Mido is the short form for MOHAMMED or AHMED in Arabic language. He is the cutest,kindest and people love his personality.his smile is the best thing.many people thinks he is ugly but he is not. Generally no one will have a crush on him, but if someone has he SHOULD ACCEPT THEM. Mido texts very little but people wants him to text in paragraphs , specially the one who has crush on him. And if he has crush on someone else then he should try to find out if she likes him back and if she doesn't then give her a fuck bcz there is someone else who maybe loves him...he gets scared from some girls a lot. He loves Starbucks though.
girl 1:I have a crush on him!
Girl 2:I'll tell him.
Mido:but I don't like her back.
Girl 2:text her more she loves u.
Mido:I love someone else truly...
Girl 1:tries to hate him but can't

This is sad..... So sad...the one who has a crush on him will break her heart !!!! Maybe
by Ilysm:) December 2, 2018
A real bitchy Kokiri character in Zelda: Ocarina of Time who picks on Link cuz he had no fairy.
Mido has large red dots on his cheeks for n apparent reason.
by !!!mikayla!!! May 10, 2005
An Egyptian footballer of royal decent who doesn't track back. Always talks of himself in the first person.
Mido not train today.
by thisisthejbone January 14, 2014
is a guy that watches anime and plays video games and becomes always busy when in calls
hey mido ken
** busy while in the call**
by XfarisGamerX March 12, 2019