Is an accronym for Hard As a Motherfucker popularized by Wale-"No Hands" then later further popularized by Kanye West and Jay-Z''s hit single "H.A.M".
"I be going H.A.M shawty upgrade from bologna"
by Luka Ellacattu November 19, 2011
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A radio operator that is licensed by the FCC to talk on regulated area of the radio spectrum.

Hams are issued a callsign such as KCØXXX to use to identify themselves on the air. A callsign is much like a finger print and is only issued to one person in the world. Hams take great pride in their callsigns and will display it everywhere from clothing to their vehicle license plate.

Hams talk on the radio mostly for fun however there is great emphasis on emergency communications after a disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, Sept 11 when other forms of communications do not work such as telephones and cell phones. With the proper equipment and license class a Ham can talk around the world.
My Ham radio callsign is KCØXXX.
by KCØXXX December 03, 2005
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A large or small slab of raw or cooked pork that is usually covered in some sauce. It is served at many events, cristmass, thanksgiving birthday.

- eating

This is the most common

- slapping

This is used usually in memes trolling and slapping people you’re mad at.
- watching

Just that
via giphy
by The ham April 24, 2018
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Someone funny but in a cheesy way. Or romantically gushy person. The class clown. When someone does or says something phony but funny, they would be a ham. Really bad puns are hammy. This is not a derogatory term.
by anything12 February 15, 2009
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