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Half Blood is a term for a witch or wizard that has 1 magic parent and 1 Muggle parent. Most of the wizarding world is either made up of half bloods or muggle-borns. There is no derogatory term for half bloods like there is one for muggle-borns (mudbloods). So the purebloods that think they are better than everyone else, can't call them a bad name.
Seamus: im half-and-half. dad's a muggle. mum's a witch.

Dean: yeah im half blood. my mum's a muggle and my dad's a wizard.
by gryffindorseeker16 December 01, 2011
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When a wizard is related to your wizard family through marriage, but is not directly related to you by bloodline.
"Is that your cousin?"
"No, that's my cousin's cousin, we're halfblood"
by LovebirdPatronus October 24, 2016
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