A person whose brain only has half of all functionality leaving them retarded in the other half. Still can be reffered to as Retards
Hank: you Retarded
Nathan: Nah I is Half Retarded
by Dolan the Duck May 3, 2018
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Something that has happened or someone that seems to have the stupidity equal to half of a retard's intellect.
"This homework is half retarded"
"You're half retarded"
by I eatz teh babehs October 6, 2008
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The correct terminology when one wants to refer to a person acting idiotic or out-right stupid because real Retards cant help being retarded.
Did you just hear what Tommy said? Man that guy is Half-Retarded I swear...
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A person who spells phenomenal and degrading wrong while giving a definition such as Madd Jester.
I think Fred's a Half Retard, he always smells his finger after he diggs up his bum.
by Glapogos August 21, 2008
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Some one Who is not fully retarded so you have some part of your brain where your retarded but not retarded in another.
My mom dropped me on my head sideways now I'm half-retarded.
by Hiyo802 December 24, 2009
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Someone who is stupid to the extent of haveing one-too-many chromosomes, but phenomenomely has no genetic or mental diseases to give the person the excuse for being so goddamn stupid.
There are alot of Half Retards on this site. So how about instead of bitching tell me how to correctly spell phenomenomely in a creative degraading way.
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
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half-a-retard is a person so stupid that retards think "hes a dee dee dee"
"OMG that guy got a zero on the test"

"How you get two hundred pionts just for your name?"

"He must be half-a-retard"

"Oh yeah"
by stefan campbell October 12, 2007
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