Half Blood is a term for a witch or wizard that has 1 magic parent and 1 Muggle parent. Most of the wizarding world is either made up of half bloods or muggle-borns. There is no derogatory term for half bloods like there is one for muggle-borns (mudbloods). So the purebloods that think they are better than everyone else, can't call them a bad name.
Seamus: im half-and-half. dad's a muggle. mum's a witch.

Dean: yeah im half blood. my mum's a muggle and my dad's a wizard.
by gryffindorseeker16 December 2, 2011
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Someone who is half descended from one race.
Dave's mother is Russian, and his father is Canadian, so he is a half blood.
by DuncanD May 27, 2011
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A Half Blood is the stage inbetween a boner and a floppy.
"Damn, that ass just gave me a Half Blood"
by qwertywtfbbqomg May 4, 2005
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Camp Half-Blood is from the best selling series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians", and sequel series "The Heroes Of Olympus", by Rick Riordan. Camp Half-Blood is the home of the Half-Blood children of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, and several creatures from Greek Mythology (Including satyrs, nypmhs, harpies, and a friendly Hellhound.) The camp is currently run by the camp director, Mr. D (Also known as Dionysus) And the Activities Director, Chiron, the centaur. Camp Half-Blood includes a pegasus stable, strawberry field, cabins, lava rock wall, forest, canoeing lake, archery range, arts&crafts, armory, forge, and camp store. Each cabin has a councelor: Perseus (Percy) Jackson, of Poseidon, Annabeth Chase, of Athena, Katie Gardner, of Demeted, Silena Beauregard(Deceased), Drew, and Piper Mclean(As of The Lost Hero), of Aphrodite, Luke Castellan (Deceased) Connor and Travis Stole, of Hermes, Charles Beckendorf (Deceased), Jake Mason, and Leo Valdez(As of The Lost Hero) Of Hephaestus, presumably Thalia Grace (Liutenant of the Huntresses of Artemis), of Artemis, Michael Yew (Deceased), Lee Fletcher (Deceased), and Will Solace, of Apollo, Clarrise La Rue, of Ares, Pollux (Deceased) and Castor, of Dionysus, and Nico Di Angelo of Hades. The camp is mostly summer only, but has several campers who need to stay year round for protection from monsters in the outside world.
"Camp Half-Blood, Keeping Young Heroes Safe from Harm (Mostly) For Over Three Millennia"
"The landscape was dotted with buildings that looked like ancient Greek architecture--an open-air pavilion, an amphitheater, a circular arena--except they all looked brand new, their white marble columns sparkling in the sun. In a nearby sandpit, a dozen high school-age kids and satyrs plated volleyball. Canoes glided across a small lake. Kids in bright orange T-shirts like Grover's were chasing each other around a cluster of cabins nestled in the woods. Some shot targets at an archery range. Others rode horses down a wooded trail, and, unless I was hallucinating, some of their horses had wings."-An excerpt from Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book One: The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan, pages 61-62.
by That One Epic Person You Know December 6, 2011
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Someone who think they're a Harry Potter fan even though they haven't read any of the books.
Pureblood: Have you read the books?
Half-blood: Why bother when they just make them into movies? How different can they be?
Pureblood: Get away from me, Half-Blood fans.. pfft.
by MissMalfoy July 20, 2009
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The camp that all half bloods go to when there ready such as percy jackson and annabeth chase goes to
percy's camp is camp half blood
by nickvick7 June 29, 2011
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Half Blood Prince(HBP) is the 6th book in the "Harry Potter" series. It is the second to the last, and by far has made a bigger scene then the previous ones.
Friend 1:Dude i just read Harry Potter book 5
FRiend 2: Well Half BLood PRince is coming out so you can keep your pants on.
by Luke F July 10, 2005
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