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A period of time distinguished by a certain hairstyle, color, etc.
Remember when I had frosted tips for 2 years and thought I was awesome? I hated that haira.

I loved when I had red highlights. That was a good haira.
by heatherln85 December 10, 2012
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A contraction of hair and era. Refers to a period of time in which someone had a certain hairstyle/cut/color. Used as a reference for other important events during that time period.
Dani: When did you and Carson break up?
Emma: Sometime last year during my purple bob haira.
Dani. Ohhh. I remember. That haira couldn’t have lasted for more than three months.
by bluegrey_3 November 23, 2018
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Haira- hair era

The era of which you get a new hairstyle.
“I just got a new haircut, I’ve entered a new haira.”
by Theflyingbutterfly01 October 15, 2017
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