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A place where gays, emos, punks and nerds get together and rant and rave about 'issues' of the day. DJMO is a arrogant nerd. There mods like katy ect ect are all try hard emo nerds who need a life and and stop baning people for no reason.
by 100100 August 22, 2005
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2 is a forum come fansite for HabboHotel. It's a place where little weiners who have too much time on their hands go to spam and annoy each other. Many become addicted to the useless information there, never go outside, and waste their lives. More than half the posts there are spam.
mom: dinner is ready son!
boy: sorry mum, i'm on habboforum
*mom puts dinner in bin*
by king March 15, 2005
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Habbo Forum is the best 'fan site' forum out there.
It's got great Admins, great Graphic designers, great Moderators and great Users.
You can purchase 'elite' to keep the forum going if you want.
All in all, visit this forum, it rocks.
Hai der haf u herd about hf it's da bezt.

Habbo Forum - Where the fun NEVER stops!
by teh cool kid February 21, 2005
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HabboForum, owned by DJMO and Stephen, is *THE* best Habbo Fan Site around. It has over 50 active users a day, a team of dedicated Moderators and Admins, and overall it's a great place to be.
There's a Chit Chat forum, a Technical Support Forum (where only smart technical people that have sufficient technical knowledge can post, like Jix, Randomishness and JamesH), and several Habbo Forums, and many more! It even has its own radio, with several DJ's such as Supreemio, _Olam_, Adam and DJMO.
Habbo Forum, is definatly the best Habbo Fan Site there is.
by lol March 14, 2005
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