Hoe as a Service, when an IT specialist is providing direct support to 3rd party employees in the cloud infrastructure.
Call the HaaS we need to whitelist the IP.
by cloud hoe May 04, 2021
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Hard...Ass. Talking about a person who is either strong, hard, or a bad ass.
He's a haas. He's a mother fuckin haas

by Sharpley November 17, 2007
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an informal nickname, used the same way as 'dude' 'man' 'buddy' etc.
'sup haas?

hows it going, haas?
by Johnnnnnnn T January 17, 2008
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A particularly trustworthy and steadfast person. In memorium for Haas Cartwright.
Thanks for the dinner, Brad, you're a Haas!
by Ian MacDonald November 01, 2003
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This girl that LOVES and i mean LOVES McDonalds. She babysits her lil brother and her parents pay her in Mcdonalds dollars. She is Extremely HUGE and people often mistake her for being pregnant.
We bought The HAAS a $100 gift certificate to McDonalds and she spend it in three days.
by Shaler July 15, 2006
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