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Acronym for Hoes These Days. A parody of the phrase, "Kids these days," and is used in a similar fashion to the original phrase.

HTD is a common immediate remark in response to learning something about a particular ho (or hoes) that directly defines them as a ho.

Rather than being slander against hoes, HTD is more often a phrase that accepts that hoes will be hoes and that we are powerless to change them.
HTD can be used as a direct diss but it's considered bad form since it's more elegant to just call a ho a ho.
Ho: "I didn't cheat... it was only a blowjob!"
Non-ho: *smacks ho* "Damn HTD..."

Ho: "Sorry, I ate all your chicken."
Non-ho: *sigh* "HTD..."
by DJ Totoro January 15, 2006
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A Hug Transmitted Disease; an illness that can be caught in the simple act of hugging someone
Person 1: Dude, you don't look so good.
Person 2: Yeah, I got an HTD from my girlfriend.
Person 1: That sucks! Don't give it to me!
by KalikaB May 16, 2011
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hannah transmitted diseases. you get them by touching her. or her stroking you. jonathan has many of them. so do all the people with the initials BH.
I got htds from hooking up with hannah.
by ajcl May 20, 2008
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The #1 pro halo 3 clan on Xbox live
We just got our ass kicked by HTD
You really think you can beat HTD
by HTD Spark February 21, 2009
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Hoes These Days; used my males in disgust at how women of generation "Y" are mostly manipulative sluts
A: Man that bitch cheated on me!
B: HTD man HTD
by More Man Enough January 13, 2006
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Similar to an STD, except made up, it is the excuse teachers give for why you can't hug in skool.
Guy 1: K, well I guess I'll see you in PE.
Girl 1: Ok bye.
*girl 1 hugs guy one*
Teacher 1: No hugging in school! Do you want to get Arm Herrpies??? It's the most common HTD.
*Teacher 1 and girl 1 walk away in opposite directions*
*guy 2 walks up*
guy 2: wow, Mrs. Teacher 1 is evil.
guy 1: I know there isn't even such thing.
by kool018 April 10, 2009
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