HR- Human Resource

That awkward kid in school that tried to be popular but failed; and, in their quest to understand their rejection they picked a profession where they can fret over it - trying desperately to figure out the formula for popularity.

Desperate for the recognition, they intellectualise intangible human qualities into nonsensical pseudo science jargon like – efficient performance indicator and other equally pointless team bonding exercise.

Sadly, just like when they were kids, a little bit of feign interest will get them doing a lot nasty shit. Convinced they have finally made it, they go off like giggling school girls and do shit that no one wants to do or care very much for.
How do those people in HR say that stuff with a straight face?
by DisgruntleExs August 16, 2006
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Commonly found within a large government department human resource division are the elderly human resource consultant specialist managers, otherwise refered to as Human Remains (HR).
Those HR fuckers have no idea.
by pav996r October 12, 2006
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She performed a HR to bring me off.
by unknown November 30, 2003
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The statistical abbreviation for "Home Run" in baseball.
Barry Bonds' HR records might be abolished after his suspected run-in with steroids.
by brm August 16, 2005
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possessive pronoun: all purpose word to substitute for "his" and "her" to regain the rhythm of the language, at least when written, and avoid "his/her" or "his or her" and the impersonal "its"
every time the anonymous editorial writer opines on this subject, we wonder whether hrs motives are genuine.
by wynton monk July 30, 2009
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A noise used to annoy people in class without having ot be too loud. Also can be used as a greeting between friends.
John "Hey"
Bruce "Hr!"
by Bruce November 2, 2004
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HRS Sucks ASS! Known here as DCF, These are the evil people who like to take children away for no fucking reason
Hi, I'm DCF and I WANT your child!
by Unleashed2k October 5, 2004
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